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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find job openings at UNL?

All employment opportunities at UNL must be advertised on the UNL employment website. Learn about opportunities and apply online at: https://employment.unl.edu.

Can I hire someone at a rate higher than the approved hiring range?

If you have an applicant that you would like to offer higher than the approved hiring range discuss the situation with your Personnel Generalist. They can assist you with the process and getting the appropriate request completed and submitted to IANR Human Resources.

What kind of raise can we give a student worker?

The raise process for students should be similar to the staff/faculty raise process. Performance increases are given on July 1 and the amount is set by the Salary Guidelines approved by the Board of Regents. For example, if staff and faculty are being given a 3% raise, then student raises should be similar.

If you want to give a student a raise because they are performing new duties that are a higher level of responsibility then discuss the situation with your Personnel Generalist.

What temporary or on-call positions need IANR Human Resources approval?

Any temporary or on-call position paying more than $12.00 per hour requires IANR Human Resources approval. Work with your Personnel Generalist to submit the appropriate request.

Where do I find my pay advice or how do I change my bank account, W-4 or address?

Log into Firefly and under Employee Self Service, there will be links to change your address, bank account, W-4 and print your pay advice.

Where do I find policies regarding HR/Payroll?

Under Policies/Resources on our website, we have links to all the policies.

Who is my Business Center contact?

Find your Business Center representative here.

How do I get a copy of my W-2?

W-2’s are sent in January and undelivered W-2’s are re-sent. If you have did not receive your W-2, verify that IANR Payroll has your correct permanent address in Firefly under Employee Self Service. If you have moved or are no longer working at UNL please contact us at financeandpersonnel@unl.edu to update your information and have us forward your W-2 to you.

Who should I contact with PeopleAdmin questions?

There are lots of resources to help with PeopleAdmin questions. Contact your Personnel Generalist, Christine Gengenbach at 402-472-5813 or Susan Wendling at 402-472-8041.