Our mission is to create a culture where great people thrive and excel.

IANR is working to be the world leader in food, fuel and water and our team is here to help make that happen. We are committed to creating a culture that encourages engagement, empowerment and innovation. This new focused effort is called INSPIRE. Through INSPIRE, our people will feel valued by IANR and rewarded and recognized for their contributions.

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What's Happening Now

Performance Management Training

IANR’s performance management conversations are now open from December 1 – March 15 and July 1 – October 15 each year. You can attend a training or view the performance management process and cycle to learn more.

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In the News

IANR's human resources department has been featured in the latest issue of The Higher Education Workplace.

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StrengthsFinder Team Discussions

These discussions will help employees and teams uncover their natural talents and develop them into strengths to work more efficiently and gain maximum productivity.

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Focus Groups

In 2014, IANR conducted focus groups with individuals across IANR to gather feedback on what is most critical to our employees. We wanted to find out what’s working, and what’s not. This feedback is aiding us as we shape the direction and efforts of INSPIRE.

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Employee Survey

Earlier this year, we conducted our first IANR staff-wide employee survey. As we continue to work on the culture of IANR, we wanted to ensure all employees had the opportunities to provide feedback and input. Thank you to everyone who responded, as this is critical to our ongoing success. We have analyzed the results and want to share with you the highlights. This survey is intended to be conducted biannually to ensure our efforts are having the intended impact.

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