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Performance Management
Performance Management Overview


The success of IANR is a result of the contributions each and every day from our employees. Our performance management process ensures that we consistently set the right goals, align on expectations, and encourage ongoing communication between employees and managers.

Performance Management at IANR


All regular (not temporary or on-call) staff employees within IANR and their supervisors.

IANR Performance Management Announcement


Employees and managers will meet twice per year to discuss six open-ended questions intended to focus on employee accomplishments, goals, and opportunities for growth and development. An online system will also be used to summarize the conversations.

Performance Management at IANR Overview


Two times per year:

  • December 1 – March 15 (system archives March 16)
  • July 1 - October 15 (system archives October 16)

Performance Management Process and Cycle


Performance Management Orientation Training

There are orientation sessions for new users or those who would like a refresher on the process.

To register for training:

Course Length: 1.5 hours, via Zoom

We will cover the following areas during training. If you have questions, please contact Becky Carter at

  • The Shift:  The Move from Scorecard Evaluations to Performance Conversations
  • The Process:  Overview, Common Missteps, and Timeframes of Conversation Window
  • The Questions:  Things to Think About, How to Keep the Answers and Conversation Fresh
  • Link to Merit:  How this Process Links to the Merit Process
  • The System:  Trakstar Perform – System Navigation Guide

Login at: perform.trakstar.comCompany Name: IANR • Username / Password: Your UNL credentials

Perform Trakstar login page

Performance Conversation Process

1 Employee schedules conversation with Supervisor
2 Both employee and supervisor prepare for conversation

Things to Think About and Ideas to Keep the Conversation Fresh

Blank Performance Conversation Guide:
PDF / Word Doc

3 Conversation takes place
4 Employee recaps conversation in Trakstar Perform and sends to supervisor
5 Supervisor reviews, adds comments, and sends to employee
6 Employee acknowledges review
7 Manager or system will archive conversation summary

Common Missteps in the Process

  • Do not share your answers before the conversation. It is best, to wait for the conversation to share your answers. The focus is on the conversation.
  • Employees - Talk about accomplishments and challenges.
  • Managers - Recognize accomplishments and talk about the challenges/areas of improvement.
  • Transparency in the conversation - no surprise feedback.
  • Do not write new information in the summary that was not discussed in the conversation.
  • Letting the answers and conversation go stale. Work to keep the answers and the conversation fresh.

Conversation Questions

  1. What accomplishments have you had since the last time we met?
  2. Do we (me and my supervisor) think my accomplishments align with what is expected (most needed) for this position and our unit's priorities? Yes, Somewhat, or No. Explain.
  3. What will you accomplish before the next time we meet?
  4. What are your natural strengths and talents? How can you further utilize these in your job and within our team?
  5. What challenges are you facing today?
  6. How can I help you be your best?


Merit Info

Here are some resources to help answer the following questions:

How do IANR Performance Conversations tie into the annual merit process? What is the process? How do I fill out the Merit Recommendation Form? What are the budget guidelines?

For questions about performance management, please contact the IANR HR team at