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Supporting the ongoing development of our people is an important initiative at IANR, and we’re committed to promoting opportunities for you to grow. IANR provides tools and resources for individual and team development, which helps lead to a more engaged and productive workforce.

What's Happening Now

We have several individual and team development opportunities available today, and are in the process of providing even more. Your feedback from the INSPIRE focus groups and employee survey indicated that we need more resources for managers, and more training for those of you off-campus. In the near future, expect to see performance management training for staff and managers, and an inventory of online (eLearning) resources. ELearning enables our employees to learn anytime, anywhere, without the restrictions of time, distance or resources.

Do you have ideas on training opportunties or topics?

Email them to ianrhr@unl.edu

Explore available training opportunities

Visit training.unl.edu

As workshops, trainings and resources become available, you can find them here. Explore below to get started and stay tuned for more!

Learning & Development Resources

Supervisor Training – Setting Expectations, Holding Employees Accountable, and Documenting the Discussion

  • Friday, March 4, 9:00-11:00 a.m. CT
  • Thursday, March 31, 9-11 a.m. CT
  • Tuesday, April 12, 1-3 p.m. CT
  • Wednesday, April 27, 9-11 a.m. CT
  • Thursday, May 12, 9-11 a.m. CT
  • Tuesday, May 17, 1-3 p.m. CT

To register: https://go.unl.edu/supervisortraining {Must register to get Zoom Link}
IANR Human Resources is offering a two-hour training on one of the many aspects of supervision. You can expect to learn:

  • tips on setting expectations
  • how to have accountability conversations
  • how to document the discussion and
  • when to reach out to Human Resources for help.

StrengthsFinder Team Sessions

Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best each day? Do you fully understand your natural talents and those of your team members? IANR is committed to adopting a strengths-based development approach to ensure our employees feel fully engaged in the work they do, and to help teams operate most effectively. Your team can embark on the StrengthsFinder journey to learn more about individual filters and ways to work better together. Many IANR departments/units have already started the StrengthsFinder process – email Becky Carter at bcarter2@unl.edu to get started.

Employment Law Essentials: Hours Worked Compliance

(for supervisors who sign timesheets)

  • Available on-demand through Nebraska Bridge App (tile on Firefly)
  • Course length: 30 minutes
  • Supervisor’s guide to stay in compliance with the Department of Labor’s Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) for hourly employees.

Family Medical Leave (FML) Overview

(for supervisors and employees)

  • Available on-demand
  • Course length: 8 minutes
  • A brief overview to understanding the University’s Family Medical Leave (FML) Policy and the Federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Family Medical Leave (FML) Detailed

(for supervisors)

  • Available on-demand
  • Course length: 35 minutes
  • A supervisor’s guide to understanding the University’s Family Medical Leave (FML) Policy and the Federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Americans with Disabilities Act/Section 504

(for supervisors)

  • Available through Nebraska Bridge App (tile on Firefly)
  • Course length: 90 minutes
  • Institutional Equity and Compliance is offering a professional development opportunity for supervisors on campus regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act and other laws and policies related to creating an accessible work environment for current employees and job applicants. We will present information and answer questions about laws and definitions, accessibility in hiring, accessibility for current employees, how to manage when conditions change, and how-to information about current procedures and policies.

Performance Management Orientation Session

(staff employees and their supervisors)

  • Register for live training
  • Course length: 90 minutes
  • We will cover the following areas during training.
    • The Shift: The Move from Scorecard Evaluations to Performance Conversations
    • The Process: Overview, Common Missteps, and Timeframes of Conversation Window
    • The Questions: Things to Think About, How to Keep the Answers and Conversation Fresh
    • Link to Merit: How this Process Links to the Merit Process
    • The System: Reviewsnap – System Navigation Guide

Book Recommendations

For questions about learning and development, please contact the IANR HR team at ianrhr@unl.edu