New Employee Onboarding

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New Employee Onboarding
New Employee Onboarding Overview


First impressions are important. IANR provides the right roadmap and resources to acclimate new employees to UNL, IANR and their specific team. Efforts are focused on assisting the new employee in reaching their fullest potential most efficiently.

What's Happening Now

We’re currently working on an interactive, comprehensive onboarding and orientation program for our new employees that will welcome them to IANR and help them feel engaged and productive as soon as possible. We want all employees to feel welcome and able to hit the ground running.

The IANR Employee Onboarding Guide will include steps and processes that will benefit employees across the Institute, and can be used in addition to the department/unit specific resources you use today.

Onboarding Resources

Check back soon for onboarding toolkits for employees, managers and HR.

Register for UNL Orientation

For questions about new employee onboarding, please contact the IANR HR team at